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The Report from my MRI shown that I have a severe spinal stenosis at C4-C5. Moderate to severe spinal stenosis at C3-C4 with cord myelopathy.
The neurologist ( he also practice limitted Neurological Surgery) told me that I need a surgery ASAP. My only sympton is a numbness in my fingers and palm of my right hand side (for about 3 months). Other than that all my other activites is staying normal. My question to you is that do I need a surgery ASAP or should I take the wait-and-see approach. I have been searching and reading on the Internet (article as well as forum), in most case people that opt for surgergy are those who suffer a lot of pain for sometime and need help of painkiller. In my case, I have no pain, that what make me hesitate for a surgery. Should I wait, and what is the consequence of waiting for the pain which might or might not come before making the dicision?

Thanks in advance for your time!



You are always allowed to have a second opinion and in cases like yours it is recommended. It is always better to have something to choose from than just trust in one diagnose.
Your doctor who suggested immediate surgery may be right because he wanted to prevent you from experiencing debilitating symptoms that may occur with spinal stenosis.
I am no doctor, I am just another person who experienced problems with the spine and I had spinal fusion, which saved my life. I suffered from DDD and was in a lot of pain. Don’t get me wrong, I am not applying you should have a surgery, I honestly think you should get a second opinion. Numbness in your hands indicates that some of the nerves are already pinched and it is likely to get worse.

It is highly unlikely that this condition is going away on its own. Another doctor may decide to control the disease with physical therapy or medications.
Cervical stenosis may cause weakness and loss of control in your legs and you may experience problems with walking, numbness in both upper or lower extremities. It may also need to loss of "position sense", which describes a condition in which you are not able to know where your arms and legs are when you close your eyes.
Cervical myelopathy can affect both the arms and the legs and it is serious as the pressure on the spinal cord won’t go away without surgery.
The goal of the surgery is to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and make the spinal canal larger. Some doctors decide to perform the surgery before serious symptoms occur and I just wanted to inform you what kind of symptoms may occur.
Think a lot about this, gather all the necessary information, possible complications and risks of both surgery and “waiting”, get second opinions and then make your decision. This is the best way to do it.


Spinal stenosis is a condition that compresses nerves and can produce symptoms of pain, numbness and tingling into the legs with activity, but in some cases, spinal stenosis can result in severe pain and even weakness. About 75% of cases of spinal stenosis occur in the lumbar spine and most will affect the sciatic nerve. To on of my friend with spinal stenosis who didn’t respond to conventional treatment fusion surgery at one level with decompression has been recommended by a surgeon.