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My surgery was on Friday, January 8th of this year (2010). I had spoken with the surgeon a few weeks prior who had bluntly stated that recovery was going to be rough. I had no idea just how rough, however. Rather than write some long-winded account, I'll give you bullet points of particular issues I had so that if you, too, find yourself experiencing them do not be alarmed. I also tell you what worked for me to help during those most difficult times.

My Experience

* Immediately after surgery I thought I needed to have a bowel movement (which terrified me); however, it was just the swelling. I was, however, able to urinate which made me feel better because otherwise they would have to catheterize me.

* The surgeon had numbed my bottom very well before I left the hospital so although there was some general discomfort, there was very little pain. However, that wore off about a day and a half later and then the pain sat in. We're talking on a scale of 1-10 a 30. There were nights when the pain was so bad (especially after a BM) I wanted to die.

* I was on several medicines: Oxycodone (Percocet), Ketorolac, Doc-Q-Lace (Colace) and Diazepan (Valium). Of course, Percocet causes constipation so you must take a stool-softener to counteract this unfortunate side effect with the Colace.

* I was advised before leaving the hospital to wear maxi pads. I'm a man so that didn't sit well with me but I believe in following orders so I did as I was told. That would turn out to be a mistake.

* I hadn't had a BM in 3 days and it was time for me to have one. The doctor told my wife to give me Milk of Magnesia. Unfortunately, she accidentally over dosed me. I was taking a Sitz bath after having a BM (the pain of which was horrible) and without warning everything left in my bowel emptied into the bathtub. I was mortified. My wife cleaned up the mess, bless her heart, and I took a shower (with her help).

* My wife contacted by surgeon who was shocked when he found out how much MoM she had given me (kinda funny now). Anyway, he asked that we discontinue it immediately. Unfortunately, it took a day or two to get out of my system. One evening while I was watching TV on the couch I felt a BM coming on. I got up from the couch as quickly as I could but made it only a few steps when disaster struck. I was still wearing the maxi pads so it provided basically no protection. It was a horrible, horrible mess.

* After that incident, I decided to move to Depends. These work much better; and that's good because I also had yet another accident but this time I was wearing the diaper so the mess was much easier to clean up.

* The pain after a bowl movement is indescribably bad. The pain is sharp, stinging and incessant. The only relief I can find is a Sitz bath. I tried the one that sits on the toilet but it was worthless. So I run a shallow, very warm bath and sit in it for around 20 minutes then finish cleaning myself and it works very well.

* About four days after I could not urinate. I was able to a couple times before but only after waiting for long periods of time or while running warm water from the shower over my privates. After few days, however, that stopped working and I was backed up. The discomfort was horrible. I could barely sleep. The next day I tried again to no avail so we went to the ER and I had to have a catheter put in. I wore it for 3 days. They drained 750ml of fluid from my bladder (that's a little over 25 ounces). I felt so relieved. Getting the catheter hurt but for 3 days I was able to sleep and rest. It was tied to my leg with Velcro straps so removing it to shower (hanging it) wasn't much of a bother. I was glad to finally get it out, however. Apparently, this problem happens mainly to men. It was the first time I'd be catheterized and I was not given an anesthesia when it was put in nor when it was taken out. Good times.

My Advice

* Get on a regimen with your meds immediately. I wrote down how often to take each one then plotted out the times and set schedules in my phone to go off to remind me when and what to take. It makes life so much easier.

* Don't expect to have a BM within at least the first two days, maybe three. Ask your doctor when you should expect it. Make sure to take your stool softener and drink PLENTY of liquids to help make passage easier. If you do take Milk of Magnesia do not exceed the maximum dosage or you will pay dearly with diarrhea (which hurts just as bad as a hard stool).

* Forget the maxi pads and get Depends (or some other brand diaper). Yes, it's humiliating but you'll get over it. You will leak, not just blood but other foul-smelling stuff so you want something that will absorb odors. I changed my after every BM.

* Make use of Sitz baths, especially after BMs. They're wonderful. Get it as warm as you can handle it but not too hot. If you don't have a bathtub, use your shower head but make sure it's not on high pressure or you could hurt yourself. When I had a BM the first thing I would do is to start the bath. That way, when I was done, I could just hop in without waiting.

* I tried several brands of moist tissue paper but what I found worked best was Charmin with Aloe. It's very soft. I would spray it with a product called Derma Health Antiseptic Perineal Cleanser. A few sprays on the tissue then clean yourself. It'll take several times and you still won't fully clean yourself; however, I try to get as much off as possible before I get into the bath. Once you're out of he bath it's much easier to repeat and finish cleansing yourself then put on a new diaper.

* Buy a small water bottle with a sprayer on it (stream and mist). I found that immediately after a particularly bad BM I will fill this with very warm (not hot) water and spray myself before I clean myself with the TP and Derma Health product. Also, it also works good to spray yourself before your BM as it moistens the area and can make passing the stool a little more comfortable.

* Get a deodorizer for your bathroom. Remember, the pooh has been in your bowls for days, fermenting, rotting, stewing and when it comes out it's as if a portal to Hell has been opened in your rectum. Trust me on this.

The Future
I've been off work for two weeks this Friday and I'll be off next week as well because my BMs are still very painful and messy so I must have medication and materials with which to clean myself. I suspect that after week three I will be able to return to the office. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE RECOVERY TIME! I was in very good health prior to the surgery and I'm relatively young (37) and it still took a toll on me.

I look forward to not having to worry about these things in the future. I'm sure when I look back a few months from now while I'm kayaking I'll be very thankful I bit the bullet and had this procedure done. It's not easy, though, but it's worth it if hemorrhoids are making your life miserable.


That sounds like a horror story

Were your hem's internal or Ex?
What has been your prior treatments before surgery?
Did you consider other types of surgery before the hemorrhoidectomy?
Would you do it again?


Both internal and external. Only suppositories and some steroid cream that cost me over $100 which was utterly worthless. The surgeon said mine were so bad he could only do the hemorrhoidectomy (cutting them out).

As bad as it was, yes, I'd do it again. I kayak a lot and have a job where I sit. They were literally a pain in the arse!


Well Steven you're braver than i am. I've been sufferning stage3 prolapsed hem's for over a year now and i used to do a lot of cycling (300km a week had to give that up) I'm going to try alternative methods first as i don't like the idea of getting butchered like that. Cheers
and good luck and a speedy recovery.



Mine were also prolapsed grade 3. I made the decision to have the surgery because for nearly a month leading up to the surgery itself I was bleeding profusely after every bowel movement and, of course, at least one of the hemorrhoids had prolapsed. Going to the bathroom at work was often a 20 minute affair and I would have to take suppositories, medicated pads, etc., every time I went and cleaning up was awful. I was also afraid that one day one would burst (it has happened) and I would find myself drenched in blood.

Also, I kayak frequently from March through October and so sometimes I had to cancel trips because of the hemorrhoids.

The first week is the worst. You'll wonder why you did it, yes, but it's worth it. I'm happy I've done it. And for someone like yourself who is a bicyclist, I'm not sure how you do it.

I would at least get a consultation and a recommendation. If you decide to get the surgery, research surgeons and try to find reviews.

Finally, if you live in the Europe you should know that surgeons there generally do not stitch up the wounds. In the US (where I'm from), it is common practice to do so to as it aids in healing. So, if I were you, I'd demand that the surgeon sew up the wounds for your own benefits.

Good luck and keep me updated.