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Dark pointed out that he hadn't realized I had been posting different topics every day, so I am going to add links to my previous posts here, then continue any further posts of my progress under this topic. Looking back it appears my drug addled mind must have had enough near the end of my first week, I lost my grip on dates ;)

Here are my previous posts leading up to today.

Getting Scheduled for Surgery (front office from hell)
The Day Before
Day of Surgery
Beginning of Day 1
End of Day 1/Beginning of Day 2
Morning of Day 3
Day 4
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
(The Actual) Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12

Days 13/14

Days 13 and 14 I developed what I will call, for the lack of a better name, the peeping-t**d syndrome. Wake up around 7AM and feel constipated, sit on toilet, my body seems to start pushing it out on its own, a small piece peeps out, breaks off, then, nothing... I labor for a little while, after about 20 minutes I can't continue on, nothing else will come out. I give up, I know it is still there, I can feel it, but it will not budge. Jump into a sitz bath to relieve the resulting ache. I am becoming extremely concerned new hemorrhoids will develop from all of the straining and sitting. I also worry about everything else I have read about here, impactions, fissures, does this ever end?

On day 13 this process repeated almost every hour until 3PM, when finally, the movement started and then finished on its own. On day 14, the exact same process, only this time it takes until 5PM. I was supposed to return to work on day 13, if it wasn't for the need to be on a toilet or in a sitz bath every 1-2 hours I could have been.

On day 14, exact same process, except the urge to go only hit me every couple of hours and it took until 5PM. I was able to work from my recliner for most of the day, which definetly left me feeling optimistic.

I am still on stool softener and a fiber supplement, I decided to take a tablespoon of mineral oil before going to bed. Perhaps my system just needs some lube?

Day 15

I did not wake up today feeling an urge to go, nor constipated, and have not had to make a single trip to the bathroom other than to urinate. It is now around 5:15PM and still no problems. I was able to work from my recliner all day, without feeling like I was sitting on a bothersome lump back there. I don't know if it was the mineral oil that helped, or perhaps my body is just finally starting to adjust. All I know is that today was the first day since my surgery I felt really excited about my prospects of going back to work. I would like to have at least two consecutive uneventful days in a row before going back out into the wild, if I can make it through this evening and tomorrow, I think I will be ready to gingerly step back into a real life on Friday ;)

On a weird side note, which I imagine is only remotely humorous to other posters here who have shared this wonderful adventure, I think my dog has been exhibiting some sort of sympathy response to my ailment. For the last few days, she has decided to do #2 all day long, at least 8 or 9 different times! Normally she only does it twice, at most three times a day. Heh heh.


Hi bedpenguin,
Good idea to post all your topics here. It was little hard to track them all. :-)
Two weeks and it seams that you are good. Your recovery went fine. I had some conversations with other members that have problem for few months. Can you imagine that? And more than one surgery.

If you would like to visit here is the link to one long thread about couple of ladies with this issue.

Maybe you could help some of them with your good experience.



Hi badpenguin,
I have read most of your review, and wanted to let people know of my experience of the same procedure in England but don't really know how, except by replying to yours!
I had my op on 5/11/09, had great difficulty waking up from the general anesthetic, but eventually manged as I decided I would be better off at home as they wanted to close the ward!
Once home I was taking 1000mg of parecatamol every other 4 hours and 500mg of ibuprofin every other 4 hours i did that for the whole of the first night at home and then managed to just stick to the day for my medication. However I was also taking homeopathic medication from the night before of my op, which was arnica and hypericum which I understand was to minimise bruising, speed up healing and help with the pain. I also downloaded a hypnotherapy script 'heal fast from your surgery' which I listend to every night.
Now I don't know wether I have just been lucky but I seem to have healed pretty fast. I was having BM from day 2 and boy did they hurt but the pain eased off after about 10 mins as long as I was up to date with my meds.
I was bleeding after each BM, but not too much. Day four was quite bad as I seemed to have picked up a bug and wanted to have a BM every few hours, which was very uncomfortable. Went back to work on day 11 and am coping ok, having regular BM also due to homeopathy to speed up my digestion. The only thing now is I am incredibly itchy after BM or going for a pee, I don't know wether this is a sign of healing or that I need to see a doctor! Also quite tired, so trying to 'go slow' at work


That really cracked me up about your doctor. I think that she must have gotten into some fiber!!

I really have been enjoying this series, especially because most people who set out to do similar series tend to give up after a few posts. Can you keep through until you're having normal BMs again? I think that there's a big demand for it!


Day 16
On day 16 (yesterday) I went back to work. I have a soft sofa-like chair in my office and I was able to pull it over and sit on it all day. I was apprehensive about having a BM away from the miniature hospital that has sprung up in my home. A few false calls on the BM. Had the shift around in my chair a lot, and get up and walk around at least once an hour. Itching a bit in the area I assume was where the internal hemorrhoid was removed. An uncomfortable day, but I made it.

Day 17
Well, as of last night at 5PM, it had been 48 hours since my last BM. The instructions from my surgeon tell me if this happens, take 1oz of milk of magnesia. If not effective, try again in 6 hours. Starting to have the "peeping-t**d" syndrome again, only this time, nothing at all comes out. Feel strong urges to BM all evening, each time, absolutely nothing. I feels as though it is about to happen, like a very large BM is beginning, oddly I can hear some crackling-like sound, my sphincter starts to dilate.... nothing.... nothing.... sphincter relaxes and shuts back down. Remember reading here about people who were able to do the impossible while sitting on one of those sitz bath pans, I have nothing to lose so I give it a try, same results.

Take my 2nd dose of MoM at 11PM. Repeat above until around midnight. Woken up at 4:30AM with strong urge to go, still no results. Can't go back to bed because the urges are hitting me too often. After 3 1/2 hours of this I decide going into work today is not an option.

I contacted my surgeons office and got a callback from a nurse, who tells me to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate, the laxative from hell. I ask her what I need to do if that doesn't work, she won't tell me, just tells me to call their office back if it does not work. So Day 17 has not turned out to be so hot. I am not feeling sick at my stomach from the back-up yet, but dreading what will happen if I have an impaction and can't get things moving with mag citrate.

In the mean time, made plans a few months ago for out of state visitors, who are flying in today and coming to stay at my home for the weekend. This is going to get very interesting. If I can survive the wrath of the looming mag citrate induced BM session, without feeling like I just went through childbirth, I might be able to salvage the visit with friends on Saturday.

So, now waiting on my wife to pick up the mag citrate. If I survive, perhaps I will post a progress report later.


Day 17 (part 2)

My wife finally makes it back around 1:30PM with the final option - the dreaded magnesium citrate. Meanwhile, my friend is due in from out of town in 30 minutes, should I take it now, or wait for him to arrive? I decide not to wait and down the 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate. Note by this time I have only eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

I am still suffering from what I will call "dryarrhea". Uncontrollable urges to have a BM, my entire body spasms like I am having diarrhea, but nothing is coming out, at all. It feels like something is up there, the size of a golf ball, but it won't budge, regardless of how hard my body is convulsively trying to push it out. I dread that the mag citrate is only going to make matters worse. I start downing water like my life depends on it, and hope I don't consume a toxic dose of it.

The magnesium citrate is supposed to produce results in between 1/2 and 6 hours. What is actually produced over the next 6 hours is an extremely upset stomach and the dryarrhea bouts shorten from every hour or two to pretty much a constant every 30 minutes to an hour. On a positive note, the convulsions are not painful, but they are severely unsettling, I cannot function away from a bathroom for even long enough to post an update here.

I wait the 6 hours, no BM is produced. Earlier the surgeons office told me to page them via the medical exchange if the mag citrate did not give me a BM. I call the medical exchange, ,hey tell me all calls have been redirected to their office, which is not open until Monday. Uh, hang on a minute! I get rather indignant and inform them that it was their office that told me to page them, the medical exchange puts me on hold, comes back, tells me the surgeon will call me back.

Remarkably, the surgeon calls me back, 6:30PM on a Saturday evening. I describe what is going on. By this time I am getting rather frantic in my thoughts about emergency procedures to remove an impaction, sepsis, afraid something went horribly wrong with the surgery and some part of my body was blocking my bowels. The surgeon asks me if I feel distended or bloated, and I don't. I don't feel constipated and backed up, I am just in convulsive dryarrhea bouts that produce nothing. I mention that pre-surgery, it was "normal" for me to have BMs every 4 to 5 days. The surgeon tells me that my body is probably adjusting back to its normal routine. That sounds like a complete crock to me. He tells if I start feeling bloated, tender in my bowels, or distended, to page him again, and "we will see what we can do about it". That sounds bad.

The dryarrhea continues all night long, I got a total of about 4 hours of sleep. In desperation, I attempt to drill the impaction out by using my bidet as a water cannon. Absolutely nothing budges. My sphincter continues to violently attempt to expel what feels like my entire large intestine, it feels like it just gets stuck that way, like a large obstruction is trying to budge but won't, I feel what I can only describe as a pressure bubble in my guts, and my sphincter releases, but obstruction goes back up in me.

Day 18

I have not had anything to eat since the previous day. I am afraid if I eat anything, I will start getting "backed up" and have to go into the emergency room to have the obstruction removed. I am starving, my guts are still wrenching from the mag citrate, I have to cancel all of my plans with my friend and send him off with other friends. I can't possibly function. Finally I have to eat so down a bowl of fiber one cereal, take some more stool softener, and continue drinking water like a fish.

Around noon I start getting some different results - small amounts of actual diarrhea, that seem to be sneaking past the obstruction. Soon afterwards after crapping myself I have to go back to diapers. The convulsions continue throughout they day, I can't make it to the bathroom several times, I have an accident in the bath tub. I continue to slip into a dark place mentally, will I be able to go back to work Monday? Will I have to go to the emergency room and have complete strangers manually dig me out?

Around 1PM I fall asleep, finally, and miraculously, the violent convulsive episodes stop until around 6PM. I get woken up by another episode of a very small amount of diarrhea, as I run up the stairs for the bathroom... At this point I have absolutely no control over what my bowels are doing. I am still starving so I eat two fiber one pop tarts, and around 8:30PM I am able to pass back out.

Day 19
My prayers must have been answered because somehow I was able to sleep uninterrupted until I am awoken by the need for a BM at 5AM. I dread that the nightmare is going to continue as I head for the toilet.


It's like a switch has been turned on, and all of the sudden my lower GI has remembered how it is supposed to behave. No dryarrhea, no feeling of a golf ball up there that won't come out, everything just happens smoothly, with no pain, like before the surgery. It has been 4 days since my previous BM. About 30 minutes later, more of the same, and about an hour later, more of the same. I had a difficult time not running through the house like a madman at 5 AM waking everyone in the house up by screaming out the GOOD NEWS!!! Instead I take a sitz bath, shower, go downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal, and share the good news with my dog, who does not understand, but seems happy for me anyway.

Nobody else is awake in the house, over the next couple of hours I nervously await any new changes that will make my life a continued living hell. I feel completely normal. I decide when my friend from out of town wakes up, I am going to take him out and attempt a real breakfast.

We go to a restaurant and I have a real meal for the first time in 3 weeks. I anxiously await what this will do to me, if my system manages to not go haywire again, I might actually be able to salvage at least one day of his visit.

I wait about an hour after breakfast and everything still feels completely normal. I am so relieved, I feel like crying. I am so damned sick and tired of dealing with this, it just feels incredible to have a few hours of hope that maybe everything will be ok.

I have made it through the entire day without incident. I feel confident enough to actually venture from the house to a friend's house for some grilled steak and baked potato!!! I only ate half of the steak and potato because I don't want to shock my system too much, but so far, so good! That was a few hours ago, and I still feel like crying I feel so normal!

Perhaps that surgeon was correct (imagine that), my body has been freaking out trying to get back to its normal routine? I have no idea what the heck the last 96 hours was all about, all I know is it seems to be over.

Tomorrow I have my follow-up appointment with the surgeon to check on my progress, my fingers are crossed...


It seams that everything is over. Glad that you are better now. How was that follow up?
What did doctor say?

Give as an update as soon as you can.

Best wishes.


Day 20

Went for a follow up appointment with the surgeon this morning. He only looked at the external stitching, said it was too soon to try and scope me. The external area appears to be healing up fine, no inflammation, redness, etc... As far as any further explanation about what the past few days were about, I didn't get much of one. My body could have been reacting to swelling and/or adjusting back to its normal schedule. He asked if had noticed any blood (no) or pain (no). My only complaint at this point is minor itching, which he said is normal. He wants me to stop doing stool softeners and avoid red meat for a while, and avoid constipation at all costs. He scheduled another follow-up appointment in another month, towards the end of December.

I remembered to ask him exactly what was removed - it was two internal and a thrombosed external, which was attached to one of the internals. I also asked him if he knew of anyone locally doing the THD procedure, he said maybe the university hospital, but he knew of nobody locally otherwise. He didn't seem to know what I was talking about, which might have had more to do with my explanation than his level of knowledge... I couldn't recall the exact name of the procedure at the time (duh), other than it was a doppler guided suturing of the arteries.

The entire visit with the surgeon took all of 5 minutes. I was hoping he could scope me because I have these nagging fears that during the 2nd/3rd week of my recovery the constipation I suffered may have created some new internal hemorrhoids. Just paranoid really.

Oh, and had several, relatively speaking, normal BMs this morning. I say relatively speaking because all of my post-surgery BMs have been very soft due to the stool softeners and heavy fiber/water intake. I hope I don't regret that half of a steak I ate last night!

So to wrap it all up, stop taking stool softeners, continue on with a high fiber/water diet, avoid red meat and constipation, come back in a month.


Day 23

Just thought I'd drop a quick progress note and wish those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!

Made it back to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A huge milestone was achieved Wednesday! I was able to use the restroom on my floor at work without having to carry my "emergency kit" with me. Up until now I have had to carry a backpack full of medical aids to a private bathroom a floor below my office, now all I need is my hemorrhoid wipes! I no longer have to worry about someone in the same bathroom possibly hearing shrieks as I do my business.

Several days now without stool softeners and I can notice the difference. A BM is a bit scary, but manageable. Just a little sore and itchy for a while afterward, but nothing that ibuprofen hasn't taken care of yet. I am eating a little more fiber than before the surgery, and have been having BMs at least once a day, sometimes several times a day, which is very unusual for me. Can't help but wonder when everything will normalize.

Still can't sit for very long without getting a sensation like I am sitting on a bicycle seat. I wouldn't describe it as painful, just uncomfortable. By the time I get home at night I still need to lie down for the remainder of the evening, but I expect this is normal after lying down for three weeks straight...

Can't wait to eat a big Thanksgiving dinner, coming up in about 2 hours!


Day 24

Went to work today and had somewhat of a rough morning. Felt a BM around 8:15AM, gave it a try, no results. Around 10AM had another urge and headed back for the bathroom. Had a rough time getting it to come out. It seems like the tip of the BM is very difficult to get out, then after that the rest comes out easily. After a some straining things started moving and I heard dripping. Looked down and what looked about like a tablespoon of bright red blood had dripped into the toilet. Started feeling queasy and quickly progressed to worrying that I had just blown some stitches or something. A couple of more movements followed, blood mixed in, but the dripping of blood stopped. Wiped as best I could, more bright red blood. The bleeding did stop by the time the BM was over.

Went back down to my office and paged my surgeon's office. Received a callback from a surgeon who was taking call for my surgeon and explained to him what was going on. He told me bleeding was to be expected, and sounded surprised that I hadn't experienced this previously. The last time I experienced blood was around week 2, and that was just streaks on the BM, not anything dripping. He said it was normal and not to worry unless it doesn't stop in the next couple of days, or the volume of blood increases. If either of those happen he told me to head for the emergency room.

I left for home around 12PM. Sitting is slightly painful, I am more worried at this point about bleeding on my clothes or whatever I happen to be sitting on. Not looking forward to the next BM, and it looks like I am headed back for lying around on the bed ;(


Day 25
Had a BM around 10AM, which appears to be my body's new scheduled time for BMs. Thankfully, NO BLOOD! I was worried something terrible had happened yesterday. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps a stitch came out of the external skin tag, because I kept feeling what I can only describe as a pricking pain when I shifted around in bed yesterday. It felt like what I imagine the end of a stitch poking around would feel like.

Since discontinuing the stool softeners I have also been experiencing what can best be described as hairs being pulled on my rectum as the BM stretches things out. I am hoping this is just my rectum getting used to "normal" turds, that have not been stool softened. Still having a bit of trouble getting things moving however. Had to sit on the toilet at least 30 minutes to complete the BM. The only way I could get it to start and complete was to use a gentle stream of warm water from my bidet, sort of like other people who have posted here only being able to release while in a sitz bath. I think the warm water bidet helps things to relax (stretch) down there.


Day 30
Still having severe problems getting BMs started. No bleeding for the last few days, until this morning. Strained to get things moving, when it did get to moving there was a bloody streak and pain. It seems my body cannot naturally expel anything without straining to get it started. I am not constipated and the BM is not particularly hard or large. The resulting pain and blood has made me queasy...

Called the surgeons office, I am starting to get concerned about stenosis. The nurse suggested I try miralax for a week, if the problem persists I will need to go into their office.

Definitely thought I would be beyond these type of difficulties by day 30 ;(


Day 33
Still having difficulty with BMs, I can't tell if the miralax has helped one way or another. Yesterday had a BM that was just a little bit easier to produce than the last one, but sans the blood and straining this time. Still took 30 minutes to an hour of sitting on the toilet, and was very sore for the rest of the day. But hey, I'll take some progress! I have decided to lay off the copious amounts of fiber I have been ingesting, I don't really want to be bunged up or too regular right now, give my poor insides time to heal.


Day 215

It has now been 7 months and 3 days since my surgery. Unfortunately, I don't have great news to report ;(

Around the 8th day after my surgery I experienced streaks of blood in my stool, which has continued on and off. My last post-op visit with the surgeon, 4 months ago, I was informed that this was normal, and that it might take months to completely heal. Well, last month (6 months after the surgery) I got fed up with the bleeding and resulting ache and called the surgeons office. They told me I needed to go see someone else since it had been so long after the surgery. Long story short.... I went to a gastroenterologist yesterday, who is now referring me back to the original colerectal surgeon I saw 7 months ago, so he can scope me (sigmoid) and confirm his diagnosis of a fissure. He informed me of two probable courses of treatment. Try a steroid cream and sitz baths for 10 days to see if it heals on its own, or a botox injection to relax the sphincter to allow healing to take place.

I have read at least one horror story about the botox inject route here, so I am crossing my fingers and praying to whatever God(s) who will listen that the steroid cream and sitz baths will do the trick.

I really want to avoid at all costs any more shock to my system right now, it has taken 6 months for my bowel movements to return to a semblance of acceptable normalcy. The bleeding is unsettling and the pain is unconformable, but compared to the 2 months of pain immediately after the surgery, the pain is a mere annoyance. My surgery, if nothing else, has given me a new outlook on pain, I will always feel it as relative to those 2 months of hell.

So it is good and bad news. My bowel movements are FINALLY, after 6 months, getting back to normal. I am still having problems with what is probably a fissure, but I am hopeful it will heal with the cream and baths...


Hi badpenguin,
I have read few post about botox injection how people are willing to try it. But didn't read about the experience after the injection. So if you do this, give us an update about your condition.

I hope you get better.

All the best.