Scientists did a very interesting study on estrogen’s impact on beauty and attraction to the opposite sex. The study showed that women with high levels of the sex hormone estrogen have prettier faces and that men are more attracted to them.

On terms of evolution, this may have sense as men are drawn to the most fertile women.

The team of psychologists photographed 59 young women's faces aged between 18 and 25 and analysed their sex hormone levels. Then they asked volunteers to rate the faces according to beauty and attractiveness. Both sexes gave more points to women with high hormonal levels.

Estrogen levels during puberty can impact on appearance by affecting bone growth and skin texture making women’s faces more feminine. When the women in the photographs were wearing make-up, there was no relationship between attractiveness and estrogen.

This shows us that women can use make-up to make their eyes bigger and their skin clearer, which helps in tricking the male visual system.