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New study about sexual dysfunction reports that the most affected are married women and single men.

It seems that people in relationships are less able to talk freely to their partners and therefore have more troubles with their sex life. The study also finds sexual function is not always an individual's problems but partnership-specific.
The questionnaire included questions like their interests in having sex, feeling anxious about their performance, inability to climax, coming to a climax too quickly, experiencing physical pain during sex, men having trouble achieving an erection and women having trouble becoming lubricated.

The study finds that 54% of women and 35% of men reported sexual problems which lasted for at least a month. On an average, the study recruits said they had sex about four times a month. Those who had less sex had more sexual problems, regardless of gender.

Also, men who drank more than the recommended weekly units of alcohol and who had a sexually transmitted infection were also more likely to having problems with their sex lives.


well then im not gonna get married