Researchers at Indiana University found men to be blind to the subtle seduction techniques of the opposite sex.
Women may find themselves confused over the question if they are doing something wrong when fluttering the eyelashes, smiling, chuckling after a lame joke and not getting any responses.
Newsflash ladies, you are not doing it wrongly, it’s just that men’s interest can’t understand the signals or the signals get interpreted in the wrong way.

Sadly, a woman's non-verbal signals of sexual interest often prove lost on the young male brain.

In a study, researchers tested abilities of nearly 300 undergraduates of both sexes, to spot a come-on. They had to view images of women and categorize them as friendly, sexually interested, sad or rejecting.

Male have naturally scored much worse for accuracy being particularly confused by amiability and amorousness. More than often, women’s sexual signals were misinterpreted as friendly.

It may be discouraging for women to know that the average guy doesn't realise that a woman fancies him until giving birth to their children or that they presume all women fancy him all the time.

It seems as if God made a joke on us women when creating the world.

But not all is lost. Not all men are blunt and if you are lucky, you may run into the one who can actually read the clues.