Preliminary study found that man who eat just a half a serving of Soya per day can have reduced sperm count. Soya has high amount of isoflavones which are estrogen like compounds and they can have a great impact on male body.

Study included 100 couples who are trying to have a baby. Researchers asked men to complete a questionnaire about their Soya intake. Questions were about their intake of portions of miso soup, tofu or “power bars” in the last three months and then they collected samples of semen from them. Results showed that men who consumed just a half a serving of Soya food per day had 40% less sperm count than men who don’t eat such food.

Researchers occluded that isoflavones from Soya might lower sperm count by interfering with other hormonal signals that drive production of sperm. They believe that isoflavones in Soya may push the hormonal levels even higher in men who are overweighted and obese because men with high amount of body fat produce more estrogen than slim men.

Producers of Soya food disagree with this theory and say that unless the researchers are measuring the actual amount of isoflavine content it’s difficult to know the influence of Soya food on sperm count. They say that there could be other behavior that could be causing reduced sperm count in men other then Soya.