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Rapid hormonal changes that occur in women during menopause cause many negative symptoms women have to put up in their forties and fifties.
While most of them will subside in time, decline in memory is unlikely to improve over the period of time.

Researchers found that hormone replacement therapy could be beneficial in retaining some of the memory functions in menopausal women.

In the study, whose mains goal was to investigate HRT effects on the memory, ten postmenopausal women, ages 50-60, took part. One group of women was given hormone therapy and another one a placebo for four weeks. The treatment was followed by a month with no medications, and then four weeks of the second treatment.

Women who received HRT (estrogen-progesterone combo) showed more brain activity during a visual memory test than did women who received placebo. HRT treatment increased activities in the prefrontal cortex, brain region that is critical in memory tasks. Researchers used images from functional MRI to view the brains’ activities.

It was seen that long-term hormone therapy will not do much to prevent chronic illnesses but that short periods of hormone therapy could prove to have good effects on some women’s working memory. Exactly this working memory, important for conducting many daily activities has been found to subside in older adults and this decline was linked to the changes in the prefrontal cortex.

Many women have been reluctant to receiving HRT due to its links to breast and cervical cancer. However, doctors report that HRT may be beneficial for menopausal women with severe symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, irritability, depression and memory decline who do not belong to the cancer risk group.


I'd sure like to know where you found this study??? link???

BTW ~ I agree with it...except the part about a link to breast cancer---that's been proven that women who start hormone replacement after age 60 have 2 in 10,000 more cases of breast cancer.....while women who start hormone therapy before 59 are at no greater risk. reason?? answer--because hormones keep your veins free of plaque, so if you go through menopause and don't take any hormone replacement then at age 60 you have plaque and are a greater risk of a heart attack, then you start hormones and those hormones losen the plaque, and BINGO--a heart attack.

Moral of the story?? start hormone replacement right after menopause.