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After listening so much about the negative aspects and cancer risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), many women have turned to alternative remedies and herbs.

However, they don’t appear to be safe either, doctors report.
It was found that around 40% of women who needed treatment for the menopausal symptoms have used alternative therapies alone or alongside of HRT. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists report that alternative treatments reduced 50-60% of the symptoms while the traditional HRT did 80-90%. However, HRT also increases the risk of stroke, breast cancer, heart disease and blood clots on the lungs.
Although much safer than the hormones themselves, herbal remedies have been shown to cause stomach upset and rash. Nasty troubles comparing to the stroke and breast cancer. Doctors even said that a woman needed a liver transplant because she was using the herb black cohosh. However, they failed to say if black cohosh was the only cause of the liver failure in this woman’s case.

There are over 200 alternative remedies but only a few have been tested. Those whose effectiveness has been proven are red clover and soy.
Since more research is needed in the field of alternative remedies, scientists report that every woman should individually discuss her treatment with her doctor and determine which treatment would best suit her.


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