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Since hormonal replacement therapy was said to be dangerous and increased risk of breast and uterine cancers, many women are approaching to so called natural hormone replacement therapy that includes handmade hormones. However, doctors are appealing that these so called natural hormonal replacement therapies are not safe either and that they too lead to increased hormonal levels, further possibly leading to excessive bleeding, blood clots and breast and uterine cancer.

The biggest problem with the natural HRT is that they are not tested as they are being made individually for each woman. Women think that they are getting herbal treatment while they are not. Natural HRT is also a hormonal treatment, where these “handmade hormones" are being synthesized by compounding chemists without proper scrutiny. Above all, they are not under any regulatory control or state-based pharmacy boards.

Many women are not even aware that these products are not approved and that they are actually guinea pigs.


If you contact Women's International Pharmacy in Madison Wisconsin, a compounding pharmacy long established and highly respected, they can provide you with clinical studies which show virtually no increased risk of cancers or blood clots from bio identical hrt. I believe that you are buying into the propaganda from Merck and Eli Lilly who are waging a multi-million dollar effort to outlaw compounding pharmacies, thus forcing women to turn to their highly dangerous lab versions. Studies show that natural progesterone, which comes from Mexican wild yams and cannot be patented, has no side effects, while the patented lab version, progestin, which contains an extra molecule, raises risks of cancer and heart disease. If you do the research you will find that the Big Pharma lobby has tried to patent the natural remedies and failed, as they have failed in other instances in trying to patent long existing remedies from the natural world. I highly recommend that you read the studies