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Discover that opportunities to choose love occur in each moment!

I was thinking this morning, as I was filling my humidifier with water that every moment offers us an opportunity to choose love.

While filling my humidifier is a mundane task, I still have two ways I can see it: I can say to myself, "What a drag that I have to fill this twice a day. I wish someone else would do this for me." Or I can say to myself, "What a blessing that I have this wonderful little machine that keeps the air moist so that I don't get a sore throat from the dryness. How wonderful that I have the privilege of taking care of my body this way. What a blessing that I have the capacity to walk to the faucet and take care of this myself, without having to rely on anyone else to do it for me."

I am so aware that if I indulge my wounded self in the first thoughts, I will feel impatient and burdened, and if I make sure that my loving Adult is in charge, thinking the second loving thoughts, I will feel happy, blessed and peaceful.

I find this to be true every single moment. In any given moment, I can indulge my wounded self in complaining and seeing the cup as half empty, or I can open to what is truer. And my little girl lets me know instantly which path I'm on, by how I feel.

The challenge is, of course, to remain conscious of these choices, rather than to go on automatic pilot. When I feel anything less than peaceful inside, I know that I've gotten off track in my thinking.  What a blessing to have such an instant feedback system as my feelings! My feelings are never wrong - they always let me know instantly whether my thoughts and actions are loving or unloving, whether others are being loving or unloving, or whether there is something dangerous that I need to attend to.

It's so sad to me that our society spends so much time, energy and money trying to avoid feelings. The cost of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication is staggering, as is the cost of alcohol, junk food and other drugs used to self-medicate to avoid feelings.

Granted, some feelings are very hard to feel, such as loneliness, heartbreak, grief and helplessness over others and situations. But when I do anything to avoid these feelings, I end up with other painful feelings of depression, anxiety, and aloneness. And since I've found that, when I embrace my core feelings with kindness and compassion, they move through fairly rapidly, I can't see any logical reason to avoid them.

How funny that, just as I'm writing this, Erika walks in from errands and says, "I'm feeling very tired. Would you mind filling my humidifiers?" "No problem!" I say, happy to help her. Yet at another time, my wounded self could have come up with a complaint about it.

I'm pretty firm with my wounded self, because I REALLY don't like how I feel when it comes up with complaints.  

When I focus on how blessed and privileged I am for whatever I do in a day, I feel so full of love that I think I might burst! I love this feeling so much! This is what motivates me to stay conscious and in a high frequency - moment by moment. And the more I choose love each moment, the easier it gets to remember to choose love in the next moment.

I'd love your comments about your experience of choosing love each moment.

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