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How long does a hemorrhoidectomy surgery take?
What's the total time for this procedure to be done? Is it dangerous?

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I had a total hemorroidectomy meaning that all 3 piles ( the columns of hemorroids) and externals were removed. It was an out patient proceedure. The actually surgery took 45 minutes. However, you normally stay in recovery about 1 hour after you wake up from the proceedure to make sure you are stable to go home. Ask the nurse if she/he can give you an extra bag for ice at home I found it very helpful since I used the ice round the clock for almost 10 days when I was not in the warm water tub 3 times a day. Also, by using both fasteners from both of the bags instead of one, it never leaked and I could leave it over my butt all night long. I found it crucial and limited my pain. If you haven't already done so, read the entry of kristycat21 and all the comments. That might help in your recovery. All I can say is that I am still using the tub and it's been over a month after the surgery, still drinking Konysyl 2x day with 24counces of water/juice and all the extra water, and still eat fiber like crazy AND I am NOT supposed to clean the area with anything , but tap water even after I poop. I stopped using Miralax after the first 7 days after the surgery. The doc can't believe how fast I healed, but I know it's because I followed his direction to the letter.