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I saw a general surgeon, who used to be called a proctologist, a few times to excise thrombosed hemorroids over the past several years. I have always had constipation and have just started to be diligent in adding fibre to my diet. I developed hemorroids after giving birth to a large baby after 30 hours of labor and delivery.

He has diagnosed me with one large prolapsed hemorroid that can manually be pushed back in. At times, it becomes so sore and raw that it is all I can think about. It is at a point now, that a few times after pushing it in, it may pop right back out. He also said I have several small internal hemorroids.

He'd like to perform what he called a partial hemorroidectomy and then suture the veins of the smaller hemorroids to block them off.

Can you tell me what the term "partial" means? I pull it up on google and sometimes staped hemorroidectomy appears and other times, it is just a hemorroidectomy.

When someone answers this question, will you please tell me what the recovery will be like? I have little to no help.

Thank you, kindly


My understanding--and I kjnow someone will jump in if I'm wrong here--is that a partial hemorrhoidectomy is just a term for where they don't remove all the hemorrhoids that you have. If I'm wrong, I think someone should let us know. Does anyone out there know for sure? I'm about 90% on this one.