I am recovering from a hemorroidectomy 4 days ago....(What I am really afraid of though is that somewhere I read that hemorroids can come back if the cause is not corrected. Is this true?? After having a complete Hemorroidectomy, can hemorroids come back and cause problems again??)

My story

I had been suffering with hemorroids for nearly 6 or 7 years now, I am not sure which. It has been so long and life changes have taken place such as work, where I live and my normal diet, that I can no longer recall what might have triggered this hemorroid curse that has plagued me all these years. In Maine, my family doctor, after having put me through a colonoscopy at the age of 41 told me then that I was simply going to have to live with them and he could prescribe creams and suppositories (???) to help with the Bowel Movements being that that was the only time I would suffer the flare-ups is after a BM. It wasn't untill I moved to Arkansas in 2007 that I learned that these could sometimes be surgically removed.
My story being similar to Brian's in an earlier post in that it became an interfering agent in life, being that each and every Bowel movement became a complicated event. I had internal and external hemorroids and the flare-up after each trip to the bathroom for a BM could be mild or servere. In each case I would have to imediately take a long hot shower and massage the hemorroids down to a point at which they shrunk to a more managable size. If the flare up was mild, I could return to work or activity after the shower with limited ability. In other words I felt as though I was walking around with an enema for several hours...not very comfortable. If the flare up was ugly, then I would have to lay down for several hours until the discomfort subsided. this latter case was really interfereing with life. Every so often, maybe once a year, I would have a flare-up so bad that I would rupture one of the external hemorroids and massive bleeding would take place during a Bowl movement leaving me on the 'Jon' until the bleeding stopped. This did not happen very often though.
At some point i realized that I was scheduling all of my activities around my anticipated Bowl Movements and I could never commit myself ahead of time for events, activities, or trips unless I had access to my hotel room for surprise Bowel movements and a hot shower. During normal routines I tried to eat in such a way as to schedule Bowel movements so that they occured on my days off or after my shift when I got home. In practicing this there were many, many close calls. I finally got tired of it all and went to the Colon and Rectal clinic here in AR.
It was determined that surgery was the only way to get rid of these. I have a friend here who has had this problem and who had had this surgery (hemorroidectomy) and his horrifying story did not encourage me to go through with it. His story is in line with all of the other horror stories posted here. His first BM that happened 5-7 days after surgery was described as like having a string of barbed wire pulled out from his back side.
On top of that; My doctor at the Colon and Rectal clinic who would be the one to perform the hemorroidectomy told me that for two weeks following the surgery (The recovery period) I would be hating life and hating him. This from the surgeon himself.
But I had no choice. The problem was already interfering with work and home life. Something had to be done.

So here we are. I had the spinal anesthesia and whatever else they gave me to relax me....didn't matter. As soon as the nurse gave me something to relax before administering the spinal anesthesia I was out for the count...didn't wake up until after it was all over.

I was prescribed the usual pain killers OxyCod or percocet and stool softeners.

I am on my 4th day since the hemorroidectomy and before I say how I am doing I must say this first.... For years I had prayed that God would remove this condition from me and to spare me from having to go through surgery. For whatever reason, He chose not to and I don't question that. Well I have questioned it but I do not hold that against Him. It seems now however, that he has been very merciful to me in this hemorroidectomy and recovery process. Out of the 40 percocet tablets I have, I have only used a total of 6 and this is day four. 4 of the 6 that I used was when I felt a Bowel movement pending and out of fear I popped the recomended 2 tablets for that timeframe. It wasn't because I was currently in servere pain. In fact I took 1 tablet each twice (Half dose) early on because i didn't know what to expect.
Frankly I haven't been in much pain at all since coming home from the surgery with the exeption of when I pass gas...that hurts a little or when I have to cough (just getting over a cold as well) that hurts a lot! I have learned to half cough because that hurts the back side. outside of that...not much pain. In fact the only reason I take the Sitz baths is because I am told to. They do help alot I must admit. My first Bowel movement was yestday. To be honest I had only been eating pudding, applesause and soup since surgery. When I felt it coming I quickly popped 2 of the Percs.., ran to the bathroom and braced for what I'd been dreading for days......What???? Nothing happened. It was like a normal everyday Bowel movement like the days before I ever had hemorroids. It hurts to pass gass. It hurts to cough, It hurts to stand up after sitting down or lying down, but the Bowel movement had NO pain (Zero) Whatsoever.
Now it's day 4 and last night I had the best nights sleep yet since the operation and today for the first time I have less discomfort than the day before.

Peeing is still a problem, cause I don't pee much, but I found that when i do...what works best is to run water in the sink and just concentrate on having to pee until you feel it build up as opposed to trying to force it. The psychological approach worked well for me several times.

What I am really afraid of though is that somewhere I read that hemorroids can come back if the cause is not corrected. Is this true?? After having a complete Hemorroidectomy, can hemorroids come back and cause problems again??