I was wondering if anyone has had reoccuring hemorroids after a hemorroidectomy?

I had my hemorrhoidectomy surgery almost 2 years ago.  It took almost 2 months after it to finally feel better again.  I was told there was never a 100% guarantee that they wouldn't return, but to be sure I should eat decently healthy, and take my 6 fiber pills daily.  I do this religiously.  I also try to drink as much water as possible.  I really did not care for the surgeon post surgery.  He didn't inform me or warn me of anything to expect afterwards, and even in my post op visit he was matter of fact & cold.  I decided that I did NOT want to deal with him anymore.  I had one hemorrhoid that never quite healed fully and in the past year or so, I have had flare ups.  They come & go for no reason.  Well 3 weeks ago I had a really bad flare up.  I have done everything to make this thing better.  Sitz bath, cold & hot, creams, haven't excercised, using spray bottle to wipe clean, witch hazel, Prep H & Ibupropen. I'm even inserting a q-tip with vasaline before each bowel movement to help.  It starts to feel better & then Bam, it's back again.  It has been torture! My husband has wanted me to call a lawyer forever about this doctor but I refuse to (it's just too personal). He also wants me to see a new doctor but I'm not sure what kind to go to. Gastro? I feel weird going to a GP for this. 

On top of everything I woke up this morning at 5:00 am to excruciating pain from a UTI. Went to my Gyno today and she thinks I have not only a UTI but also a Uterine infection, so now I need a sonogram. I tried to tell her about the hemorroid problem but she blew it off, and wouldn't address it. I don't know if this is all related or not, but it is just too much at once!  I have many problems with my Uterus (I'm prone to Hyperplasia's growing & deal with them yearly but my doctor WILL NOT approve a hysterectomy).

I just want to feel better.  Any tips, advise & feedback would be great.