i was on birth control for two years. ran out and was out of town. since then i havent been on birth control and had a normal period with my last pack of BC but then had sex with out a condom for like 5 seconds then he put the condom on. i took a plan B anyways because i am paranoid. then i got a period again only 2 weeks after my normal one. we did it again same way.. no condom for like 5 sec then put on the condom... he came in the condom... but now its been 4 weeks after and ive missed my period. i am almost a week and a half late... my brests were tender for two weeks and as of yesterday they are enlarged and feel swollen/numb and my lower stomach has been hurting here and there. the feeling where its cramping/ about to get my period but it doesnt come out... its been two weeks like this... my boyfriend is positive that he didnt cum in me... but i am super paranoid. could it be because of the plan b or could it be that i stopped birth control of two years last month? i really was sure im not pregnant but as time passes by, im getting really worried!!!