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It can be hard for women to find a weight loss plan that works for them. By knowing which plans work best, we take the guess work out of some of the most popular diet plans and what each one is all about.

Healthy eating is not about restricting one’s diet or depriving oneself of foods you love. Rather, eating healthy is about feeling your best, having more energy and improving your mood and lifting your confidence. If you, as a woman, feel conflicted by all the information available to you about diets, take heart and know you aren’t alone. It seems everywhere you turn, there are experts touting a certain diet plan, lauding that a certain food is better for you than others and upon further examination, these claims are found to be inaccurate.

Here, we will attempt to cut through which diet plans are safe and effective, allowing you to make an informed decision about which one could work for you.

Best Diets For Women

The Weight Watchers Points Program was first launched in 2010 and it gives an assigned point value to every food, based on its protein, fat, fiber and carbohydrate content. Food choices that fill you up the longest are ranked least in point value, while nutritionally sound foods cost less than empty, non-nutrient foods. Women on Weight Watchers can eat whatever they want, because no food is off limits and there is flexibility that allows you to shape your own customized plan.

The goal of the DASH diet, meanwhile, is to prevent and lower high blood pressure. A healthy eating pattern is important to bringing down high blood pressure and it provides important nutrients like protein, fiber, potassium and calcium all of which are imperative for lowering blood pressure. The diet encourages consuming vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean protein and low-fat dairy, while avoiding high-calorie process foods, sweets and fatty red meats.

Another recommendation is lowering salt intake, which is recommended for people with hypertension.

Because heart disease in women is so common, the TLC diet could be ideal for females seeking to lower their LDL cholesterol levels. Thie TLC diet, short for Therapeutic Lifestyle Diet, was created by the National Institutes of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program. The American Heart Association endorses the diet as a heart-healthy plan that can help anyone reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

The key to this diet plan is to cut back on fats, in particular saturated fats that can lead to cholesterol build-up in the arteries.

The goal of the Mayo Clinic Diet is weight loss, most people will lose six to 10 pounds within two weeks and continue losing an average of one to two pounds each week until their goal weight is achieved. The premise of this diet is to recalibrate eating habits and replace bad habits with good ones using the Mayo Clinic food pyramid as a guideline. The Mayo Pyramid and the Mayo Clinic Diet Book will help guide a person through using the diet and learning healthy food choices which will lead to weight loss. No food group is off limits, but developing healthy eating habits and observing portion control are the keys to successfully losing and maintaining weight loss.

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