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Hey guys I'am 13 and haven't got my period but  I have been having brown discharge lately and it's confusing me if I got my period or if im getting my period? I've done research but I still don't understand. This is my third day of the brown discharge. If this has happened to u before and u got your period from it how long did it take to from a couple days weeks or months. Idk if it's normal but please respond and help. Thank You.:))


Well you still have another 2 years yet to get a period, girls get their period from the age of 8 to 15 years old, but judging from the brown blood lasting 3 days so far  you may just be on your period, if it lasts another 2 days then  you definitely may of just got it but may of just been VERY light, and blood goes brown like that when then the blood oxidizes meaning when it hits air any air inside the blood starts to dissipate and the blood starts to dry up and it turns brown, with it coming down from inside your warm body this speeds up the process and when you bleed more the blood turns brown quickly in the pad and dries up,. Periods last 5 - 7 days typically, more commonly for 5 days, you may of just got a VERY light period to start off with, but if it doesn't get heavier within the next year you may just have VERY light periods which isn't uncommon, it depends on the female, do you have any other symptoms light cramps, weak and tender around the stomach, hips, lower back, legs?, do you feel more emotional and tired?, these are typically symptoms of a period too.