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Sex is one of the most pleasurable sensations that humans can experience in their lifetime and when it starts to become problematic for us to have sex, it can significantly impact our quality of life. Many things can cause male patients to complain of a loss of sensitivity and numbness in the penis. 

One of the first reasons why a male patient can lose sensitivity and experience numbness in the penis is because of the skin on the shaft of the penis. Penile skin is extremely fragile, and it is quite easy for the penis to experience damage because of it. Patients who have dry skin or friction rashes on the penis are prone to this numbness and loss of sensitivity. Thankfully, with this type of pathology, treatment is at your hand: use creams, lubricants, and moisturizers as some basic interventions that you can do to improve the sensitivity. Patients with this type of pathology typically have a history of vigorous masturbation and are younger compared to the following pathologies that we will cover. 

The next common pathology that can lead to penile numbness and a loss of sensitivity would be problems in the blood flow of the patient. A penis is a unique organ because it is highly dependent on vascular circulation to be able to expand and contract. When a patient has vascular damage secondary to hypertension and atherosclerosis, the blood supply of the penis will not be as efficient. Patients should meet with a urologist in the event they are suffering from this type of condition. Some sensation may return if blood pressure is kept under control, but the unfortunate thing is that once damage has occurred, it is very hard to reverse. Routinely checking your blood pressure to keep it controlled when you are younger is the best way to avoid these long-term consequences. 

Going along the same lines as blood problems associated with a loss of penile sensation and numbness, another chronic condition that can lead to numbness and loss of sensation would be problems with the innervation of the penis. Patients may have overt damage to the delicate nerves that innervate the penis or the nerve can be damaged more extensively through conditions like diabetes mellitus. High levels of sugar lead to nerve damage throughout the body but the penis is one of the first organs that suffers from long-term diabetic complications. There is only one main nerve that supplies the penis so when it starts to become damaged, you will start to notice symptoms almost immediately. [1]

The last condition worth mentioning is another condition associated with aging. Patients who are elderly will typically have underlying problems with prostate problems. Benign prostate hypertrophy is an extremely common condition that can drastically influence the sensitivity of the penis. When the prostate is enlarged, it can influence the blood supply and the nerve supply to the penis. This will add together to lead to numbness and loss of sensations. Patients can try to take medications in order to reduce the size of the prostate but this is not typically performed in medicine. What we may do is remove the prostate entirely but this operation could also lead to problems with nerve supply and blood supply so the prognosis of regaining sensation will be poor. 

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