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I had been taking depo for three years my last injection was april of 2014 i was due back in june but missed it i have been off it for 5 months my pds did come back me and my fiance have never used condoms since we've been together (we both were eachothers first) and every time we have sex my fiance finishes in me everytime we do it every pregnancy test has been negative? Ne explanations? Plz help..


Hi Secret,

It can take a while, longer than a year, to get pregnant after using Depo.  Even without having been on birth control it can take up to a year of regular intercourse.

Give it time.

Both of you could always see a fertility specialist, yes your partner too.  You can expect a full physical and internal exam, your partner would expect a semen analysis.

We don't normally consider fertility issues until a year has passed.

Good luck.