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I need help Please! I am 24 years old married to my 31 year old husband. We have no kids and we want kids. We have sexual contact every night sometimes three times a day. I went to the doctor pehriod hasnt came on in six months, negative pregnancy tests two that the nurse gave me. Gaining weight like crazy. Be hungry all the time. peeing every minute. be tried all the time whats wrong with me


Hi LeAVicMor,

Hopefully your doctor ran a blood test.  Diabetes would fit your symptoms too.

Was this a urine test you took or blood test?  Did they test your hormone levels?

I'd suggest you and your husband BOTH visit a fertility specialist.  You can expect a complete physical and internal exam including bloodwork.  Your husband can expect a semen analysis (sperm count).

You NEED to find out why you aren't having your period.  It can be hormonal.

Good luck.