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Me and mi fiance have been together for a while now we are a young couple relitively healthy and have been trying for a baby for the past 8 months we have sex frequently (every 2days or so) it goes great and he ejaculates each time but as soon as he pulls out I leak everywhere litteraly none of his men stay in what's wrong with me??? we've been to a lot of doctors but none will let us get checked for infertiity as we are quite young and should be able to concieve but I have had two cysts in my ovaries in this past year and am quite worried that's effected our chances please help thanks :)


Hi Madison,

Even with the "leak" sperm remains inside your vagina.

Fertility issues are usually not considered until a year has passed without success.  I'm not sure what type of doctor you are seeing, I would suggest a fertility specialist.

You can expect a complete physical, including bloodwork, and an internal exam.  They cysts may indicate a problem.

Your partner can expect a sperm count.

It may not be "you."

Hope it helps.