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HI.I have been married one and half year before.but the first year we have been protacted sex.but now very really want a periods are regular.and its on the 25 of the last month.but now i have the all pregnancy symptoms.tender breast.bloting.abdominal pain.nausea.and also white discharge. but in the past on pregnancy.and no infaction at all. but my HCG lavel are just 2.0.means no pregnancy. UTI are also normal. means no infaction. and my HB lavel is 12. i m also use iron and folic acid from 3 months. but zero result. if i m not pregnant then y i feel this type of symptoms. tell me what's the problem. and what to do. bcoz we really want a baby.plz help me .and guide me. thanks


Hi guest,

Your symptoms are NOT specific to pregnancy.

It is unlikely you are pregnant from the results but also because you will NOT have a period if you are pregnant.  Yes there can be some bleeding however.

It does not mean there is a problem.  It can take up to a year of regular, unprotected, sex before you conceive.  If it has been a year then both you and your partner need to see a fertility specialist.  You can expect a full phyiscal and internal exam.  Your partner would expect a semen analysis.  Yes, fertility issues can be caused by the male.