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Hey, I've been trying to get pregnant for over a year now and I haven't been able to. My period was irregular. I started taking birth control pills in October for three months. Since then my period came every month until last month I did not get my period. So I thought I was pregnant. But I wasn't. My period days since Oct are, 10/18/13, 11/12/13, 12/9/13, 1/7/14, 2/20/14, 3/23/14, April did not have my period and just today 5/9/14 I got my period. My question is when can I have sex to become pregnant, idk when I ovulate. I've tried different apps of ovulation and all are different. Some one help me please. I want to be a mom. Thanks.


Hi Nimsay,

See a fertility specialist, it's time.  Normally we don't consider a fertility problem until a year has passed.

The irregular periods can indicate a hormonal problem.  The birth control can mask that.

You can expect a complete physical and internal exam, including blood work.  Your partner should also be tested, he can expect a semen analysis (sperm count).

Ideally you'd be having sex just before ovulation but that can be hard to determine if you are irregular.  Monitoring your cervical mucous is one way, body basal temp is another and there are also ovulation test kits available.

Hope it helps.