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I have two children and I had one abortion before my first child and two abortions after. Then I had my second child then two abortions after that. I have been trying for over 3 years with the same man I had my second child with to get pregnant. I know that there's nothing wrong with him because he got a girl pregnant last year and she had the baby in September. Did the abortions cause me to become infertile?


Hi Wanted,

It's unlikely that an abortion would make you infertile.  Were there any complications from them? 

Infections may cause scarring of your fallopian tubes which can make conception difficult.

At this point a visit to a fertility specialist is recommended - for BOTH of you.  You can expect a full physical and internal exam, including blood work.  Your partner can also expect a semen analysis. 

Yes he needs to go to.

Good luck.