I am 24. I had two children. I started my period when i was 9. Yes very young. It was always regular untill i turned 16 and was givin one dose of depo. I never went in for birth control again untill later after children. After my depo shot i bled for three days maybe four times a year if lucky untill i was 19. Then i became pregnant. After my daughter was born i conceived again before my first period after birth. So three months later. After i gave birth to my second child i was put on an iud. I had no period for two years when i decided to have it removed due to pain. I had a light period in may then in june i started bleeding. My bleeding lasted from june to end of aug. Three hospital visits and an ob that wont get back to me. The doctors sent me home the first time saying it wasnt a miscarriage and ran no tests even tho i was pale and week. The second time with birth control pills that didnt stop it. The third time they messed up my charts gave me a shot for infection because of smell but came back no infection,  birthcontol pills, and one other med that made me even more sick then i was. I took four birth control pills a day untill bleeding stoped. The period was heavy! It felt like i was popping my water. Just was gushing. With huge cloting and long clots. I spent alot of money wasted alot of time and felt like pure c**p. So here i am in jan. I started my period on the 28th of dec. Its the 9th. I have the same heavy bleeding. Ob isnt able to scedual me. Its like they dont care. I dont want to go to the er. Im eating alloot seems to help me with energy.  What should i do? I wrote all history because im not getting answers.