So im on the birth control pills sronyx that I take everyday as close to the same time as possible. I havent had sex in 5 months and I dont plan on it. About 3 weeks ago, me and my boyfriend were messing around and he had touched my clit and the opening of my vagina with DRY cum (He never actually stuck his finger in cos i had a tampon on). Nyways I got really paranoid that I was pregnant so I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. A week after, while i was on my third week of pill (the last week before the sugar pills) I started to experience something that felt like a period but looked brownish in colour. It only started today so I cant really tell how heavy it is yet. Im confused as to whether this is my period (that just happen to come more that a week early making me have 2 periods in one month), maybe this is implantation bleeding or whether this is a miscarriage. Someone pls help me.
I dont want to be pregnant because im not ready for a child yet.