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Im pregnant and dont know what to do.
Im not with the babys father altho he does know.
He has told me its not what he wants but if i have the baby then he will have to support me and the baby.
I have to consider abortion alth i have always said that i would never have one because of the risk of not being able to have children later on in life.
I need to know the facts about this befor i can decide on what to do.
I'm only 20 and i am/ was going to work in Greece this year as a rep i have so many plans that i would love to carry out but if i have this baby it is not pos.
Please help me have the facts about abortions and what my chances of having children will be if i do decide to abort my baby.


I have to honest.. ABORTION does NOT affect future fertility UNLESS you have severe infection related complications.

I work in an abortion clinic and know many women that have had 2-3 abortions, yet have 2-3 healthy children.

CDC(Centers for disease control) have accurate info about abortion and fertility.

IF THE ONLY reason that you would not choose abortion is fertility worries..I have had 3 abortions personally, yet I am fertile and healthy! Abortion does not affect fertility like it USED TO.

If you have moral and ethical issues against abortion, that would be a HUGE reason to consider abortion NOT an option. If you feel coerced or FORCED into an abortion, that would be a HUGE reason not to have an abortion.

Abortion is NOT painful nowadays, usually, thanks to ASLEEP sedation offered at almost every NICER clinic.

Abortion takes 5 minutes. This is a website with lists of clinics in every state, if you would like extra info about prices etc... You can go to the website and check out your states info.


Having a baby is NOT the end of the world. It does NOT mean that you cannot accomplish your goals, or dreams in life. If you keep the baby it just means it might take more hard work to get where you are going. However, if you give the child up for adoption there isn't any bearing on your future as far as taking away your ambitions to succeed in life. There are sooo many couples out there who have tried and are unable to have children of their own, and these people are often willing to help pay for the medical expenses of the delivery. They are usually, financially and emotionally stable people, whom have waited for years to have children and would be blessed with the ability to adopt yours.

Please consider your options, and don't make your choices on what the father wants solely. Don't let him pressure you into anything.


Iam in your exact same situation and i am also 20 only i am with the father but would lead to mad family problems as i stil live at home. i am so confused and dont no what the right thing is to do, what did you decide in the end?