Hi all again!! Well i posted something a while ago about me and my bestfriends bf having sex together. Well i told her. and i talked to him about it. and he told me that it did happen and he didnt want her to know the truth. And that was after i told her about everything that i could remember. But he did admit it to me. well the next work day she asked me what he said to me. and i feel bad because i lied to her. i told her he said nothing happend when in reality he told me to lie to her and tell her whatever he said was true cause he wasnt as drunk as me. But another thing that he asked me was for my cell # so he can call me and we can meet up and as he put it "relive that night". But i never gave him my #. I just asked him why he would ask that. and he still wanted to. But it sounds like him and her are going to get back together. I dont want to see her get hurt. I mean if he would talk like that to me who he knows is one of her close friends i couldnt imagine if he is doing that to other girls as well. I dont know if i should tell her the truth or not. Should i just leave things as is. and just hope that i dont see him without her or without my bf. cause i dont know what he would try to do. I admit that he is attractive and all but my bestfriend is in love with him and i am in love with my bf. and i dont want to be the one to hurt her like that. someone please help! Im so confused... i was thinking about telling her and then calling him up and asking to meet somehwere to prove to her that i was tellign the truth but have her on the car with me when we go to meet and let her see what type of guy he really is. but i dont know. it was just a thought!!