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hi everyone im 21 and im 6 and half weeks pregnant, i didnt plan this, i missed one day of my pill and fell pregnant, and i told my boyfriend who i have only been with for 2 months, he is not happy and we are arguing at the moment, he is saying i did this on purpose (which i didnt)

he is 26 and has a 4 year old son already with another girl.

He wants me to get rid of the baby. but i dont want to lose him, and i will if i keep the baby, he said he will be there for me no matter what because it is his child but i want us to be how we was last week. im not a fan of abortions and i am scared to have one incase i have side affects after. or if it ruins my insides.

Im so confused.. what should i do?


This is your decision and your decision only. A two month relationship is nothing to write home about, and it is not up to bf to tell you to terminate this pregnancy. Accidents happen. If you keep the baby he will either love it or hate it, but you will automatically fall in love at first site.
You still have some time to think it over, but it's okay either way.
I had two abortions, the last one about 12 years ago. I didn't have to have it. My conditions were fine, i had a job, my own home, i just didn't want another child because the father was an ass, which is no excuse at all. So in my mind, i took it out on a baby because his/her daddy was an id**t.
I still have not come to terms with that one, but i don't dwell on it like i used to. I have been forgiven and i feel some what at peace with it after all this time.
So, once again, you make the decision. Do it/don't do it for the right reasons, not because your afraid of loosing a 2 month relationship.
The procedure is simple, usually with no bad side affects other than cramping and bleeding (not severe) The chances of messing up your insides is minimal as you always run the risk with any invasive procedure.
The mental side affects are what i had to deal with.