Have a good day! 

I am 26 years of age. I had an pulmunary infiltrates of my right upper lung.

before anthing else I would like to share my result of my xray happened on sept.6,2018.

there we go,  the result of my xray is fibrolinear and hazy debsities are noted on yhe right upper lung. the right costophrenic angle is blunted. the trachea is in the midline. the heart is not enlarged. the pulmunary vessels are within normal limits. both hemediaphragms are distict. the osseous thoracic cage reveals no significant bony abnormality.




 PULMONARY INFILTRATES, right upper lung

*suggest APICOLORDOTIC VIEW of the chest for further evaluation.

pleural thickening, right.

I hope anyone can help me through this situation I am afraid of what it is. 

please help me. your help much be appreciated. thank you and have a good day!