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I had sex about a month ago. It was protected sex. I had sex on the sunday and then got my period on the thursday. I'm wondering if the condom could have broken or if there may have been a hole in it. i am expecting my period to come in two days. However, by now i would have experienced a bunch of cramping. (i normally feel crampy the week before i get my period) I haven't felt any cramping this week though and i feel very bloated. My period are always regular and i've never missed one before. is it possible that even though we used protection and i got my period 4 days later that i am pregnant? I've read that it can take up to 5 days for a pregnancy to set in, but i have also heard 3 days too. I know certain things can vary from woman to woman but if anyone could offer me a bit of advice that sure would help! :) 


Due to the fact that you were proactive and used protection I believe with 98% certainty that you are not pregnant! Actually I will say 99% as you also had sex when you weren't fertile - most women are fertile 2 weeks before their period! BUT that can change - depending on illness, stress, medications etc. Our periods are wonky things, you can be as regular as clockwork then all of a sudden have a really strange period - for no reason at all! Just don't think about it and it should come on normally! Hope this helps - good luck!