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okay. For almost a week iv been getting all the signs of my period. but my bf ejaculated into me twice. the next day i started eathier my period or spotting. and im cramping a lil. could i be pregnant?? and should i wait and take apregnancy test to make sure...? isant it true the egg can stay in the flopian tube 24 or 48 hours before being released to make the start of your period?? It just doesant make sence for it too be my period. Someone help me out :-)


Ugh this just shows how much sex ed is failing!!!

You ovulate (release an egg) 10-16 days BEFORE your period, most typically 14 days before. The egg only lives for 24 hours, once it is dead, you cannot get pregnant until you ovulate again next cycle. Sperm lives for upto 5 days (typically 2-3). You are only fertile for 3-5 days each cycle, sex outside of your fertile perod is 98% not going to get you pregnant.

It is possible to bleed the day after intercourse due to your bf's penis irritating your cervix, this has nothing to do with pregnancy merely human physiology.

If you have sex at all it is possible to be pregnant. TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST!! If your period does not arrive within one week of when it is normally due, take another test or go to your doctor.

It is very hard to give advice without knowing when in your cycle you had the intercourse and how regular/long your cycles usually are.
- Are your cycles regular?
- How old are you? (under 18s often have irregular cycles).
- When is your period actually due?