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Hello, I am having some weird symptoms that I needs some advice about. Think that I could possibly be pregnant but feel like it could all be in my head now. I have taken 8 HPT and they all say neg, but I am really late and my breast are killing me! I am very regular and not on any birth control and haven't been in years! My last real cycle was April 5th and was normal had unprotected sex with my husband between April 15th thru the 20th. I was due to start again on May 4th but I started spotting on April 29th brown, 30th pink and dark red on the 1st. Then May 4th came and went. Last week the 9th - 15th I had mild cramping and slight headache with tender breast. I kept feeling like I was about to start my period but nothing. All weekend I had this headache and my breast seem to be getting even more sore and large! So here I am now on the 19th and my head is killing me and I now have the cramps again. I have the feeling that I am about to start all over again, usually I have at least 30 - 32 days inbetween and experience some cramps and tender chest but this is all different. I have a doc appointment tomorrow afternoon and will be getting a blood test, I guess I am just wondering if anyone has gone thru something like this and can tell me how it ended up. I do have a 10 year old little girl and dont remember having these symptoms and didnt even think of testing until I was 10 weeks and the HPT did come back positive then. I should be about 6 weeks now if I am pregnant. Anyways I thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have anything that may help or just put my mind at ease I would really appreciate it! Thank you


Based on your answers, you're likely to be most fertile from Friday, April 16, 2010 to Wednesday, April 21, 2010 that was going from a 28day cycle

so based on that you did have sex during your fertile days and there could be a chance you have become pregnant is any of your 8 HPT been done with any of your first morning urine? some woman not many can get a positive urine till about 7-8 weeks pregnant ....

Pregnancy Test Accuracy Rate* on or after 1st Day of Expected Period
Answer Quick & Simple® 99%
Clearblue® easy 99%
e.p.t. Certainty® 1-Step Pregnancy Test 99%
First Response® Early Result Pregnancy Test 99%
Rite Aid One Step Pregnancy Test 99%

here are the HPT that should be able to pick up a positive with you first morning urine