Im 14, 5'7, 145 pounds. a few weeks before For the first time I got fingered by my boyfriend. I believe he didnt have any Sperm on his fingers. We were going to the movies that day and he got ready and stuff but he never ejaculated or anything and he fingered me in the movie theater (im a virgin and never had sex, that was my first time doing something like that) but The day after I started bleeding. The bleeding lasted for a whole regular period length, so I thought it was my period. But I wasn't suppose to get my period until a week after. Then a few weeks later I've been having pms symptoms. Today my period was suppose to come but it hasnt. I dont know when my period is suppose to be here. Because the day after he fingered me , i didnt knos whether it was my hymen that broke or whether it was a period. If it was a period then i havent gotten another one yet. Please help im scared that im pregnant. I'm very paranoid and have anxiety that I might be pregnant.