During june to july, my boyfriend and i had some fun and be rubbed his bare penis on me. After that i then found out from a friend that precum could actually get me pregnant. We only did it once and i forgot whether he cummed before that. Think not. Before this my periods were irregular and i didn't have to worry becoz i didnt do anything wrong. But after that happened i have been checking up on my periods regularly. on july my period came late. I forgot the date but it did came late. It was regularegular like any menses. Then from july to August we still did have fun but we only used our hands and was very careful about the precum. During August i was very very stress .. my period came a week after it was suppose to come and there were very little menstruation. On the second day of menses my boyfriend and i had a huge argument and on the third day my period got alot lesser. And it was a irregular period. Then from August to sept we still did but also tried to be careful but just sometimes things can go wrong. On sept it was on time. Right on the day or only a day later. i had a heavy flow and very painful cramps on the first few days. Now its october and my menses is 2 days late already. My boobs are sore and i have cramps today. But my period hasnt arrive. During this period we did have fun but it was more of oral and not touch. I had cramps just now and i tot i was having my period. I took two painkillers and just continued my day as i was very busy. After i went to the toilet i got kind of worried that i might be pregnant and i was feelimg super nauseous becoz i had a very tough day walking for 2-3 hours. I was super paranoid and i shitted for 3 times and puked alil. I am not sure if that is becoz im nervous. Becoz whenever im nervous i get very dizzy and nausea. I am just worried that i might be pregnant. Can somelne pls tell me how high is the percentage that i might be? or can someone private msg me? Thankyou so much ! Ps, im still a virgin.