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I was wondering if anyone knew which medications dont mix good with weed? My mother has a 60 year old neighbor who smokes weed more then I could explain...Im talking 24/7. But she is taking anti-depresents such as adivan, voluim, and then seriquil(which is a sleeping pill) all while smoking. I have heard that smoking and taking anti-depresents are very bad but Im not an expert so I wanted to know if anyone knew the facts!
Lately she has been acting crazy and I have a feeling it is taking a life threatening tole on her. Anyones help would be appreciated!


all of those medications you listed are bad period. but with marijuana is worse. she needs to quit all that sh*t. but no offense, being sixty, she probably doesn't have all that to look forward to. she needs to completely stop. send her to rehab.


No offense to the previous post but are you kidding me? You can mix marijuana safely with any drug on the planet. It does not interact harmfully with any prescription drug... It may make one drowsy and such if mixing with certain meds but is essentially harmless. On the other hand the 3 drugs she's taking have serious side effects. Mix the ativan or valium with alcohol or other "downers" and you can die. As for the Seroqual, it's not a sleeping pill, it's an anti-psychotic for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. However doctors do prescribe in low doses for sleep. Normally 25mg for sleep, but between 100-200mg for anti-psychotic use. I was precribed Seroquel for sleep and took for a few months, it worked great. Unfortunately after 2 months the side effects were too much, and I was only taking 25mg at night. It's a very powerful drug. After 2 months I didnt feel right, kinda loopy and drugged up...

As for the Ativan and Valium, that's a dangerous combo (especially with the Seroquel) and most doctors would never prescribe 2 benzos to be taken at the same time... It's one or the other... I can't see any legit reason to be taking them both at the same time. Ativan it for anxiety and Valium is for anxiety, muscle relaxation, convulsive disorders. So if she has strictly anxiety she should just be taking the Ativan. Otherwise the Valium would control the anxiety and any of the other conditions I mentioned.

But to make a long story short, mix the 3 pills everyday for awhile and they're gonna eventually make someone act goofy.

And although weed is safe it's still a drug and will make "some" people act goofy even without mixing 3 powerful pills with it. The pills, especially the Seroquel, are not good to mix.

She should probably find a new Dr... Find the one correct benzo to control whatever symptoms she has whether it's Ativan, Valium, or something else, and switch to a different sleeping pill. I can't see any logic in taking an anti-psychotic with so many side effects when there's plenty of safe sleep meds on the market.

As for the weed, not sure if you live in Cali or somewhere where it's legal? Anyway, it's a free country, if she wants to toke up let her. It's the pills that are making her act this way, and maybe the weed is increasing her wacky behavior? Who knows?


There have been no FDA studies or even any independent ones that I am aware of that has actually tested the safety of mixing marijuana with other drugs. I do not know of any harmful interactions, but there haven't been any studies so I would like to see if you have any proof for your claim. I am not intending to sound confrontational, because I would like to know. Do you have any sources you can cite?


There is no problem with a single doctor prescribing more than one Benzodiazepine. I take Ativan with percocet and promethazine for certain migraines and I take Doral (Quazepam) for sleep.


Who are you, to tell someone you don't know, to stop taking their medications. What if the person has epilepsy or high bloodpressure or any number of things. Be carefull with what you say you could get someone hurt or killed.


why do people talk so much sh*t, seroquel is not an anti-phsycotic its for sleeping and add, adhd, tourettes and ocd's which are all interconnected i have been smoking weed twice a day for years and taking 75mg of seroquel before bed everyday and i am absolutely fine.


Wow buddy, you in denial about your bipolar or are you just a common m***n who doesn't research the meds that he's taking?

"Quetiapine fumarate (pronounced /kwɨˈtaɪ.əpiːn/ kwi-TYE-ə-peen), marketed by AstraZeneca as Seroquel or SeroquelXR and by Orion Pharma as Ketipinor, is an atypical antipsychotic used in the management of schizophrenia, bipolar I mania, bipolar II depression, bipolar I depression, and used off-label for a variety of other purposes, including insomnia and anxiety disorders."

If you're unaware, all it takes is a quick search of wikipedia and 30 seconds of reading to confirm that Seroquel is an anti-psychotic. All the uses you have listed are off-label uses. The drug is an anti-psychotic which is used for tourettes, OCD, anxiety disorders and insomnia. I've never heard of it being used for ADD/ADHD, but, seeing as how many drugs have multiple off label uses, it wouldn't surprise me.


its a different guest ... but lmao ^


Kudos for the people who know that marijuana can't hurt you, and for actually know about the medications. Aka googling them and only taking 2 minutes to read what they say. We live in 2010. You can find an answer to anything. So if your an id**t... (First person to respond saying its deadly) ****. Nobody wants to hear your ignorance. I've taken many medications for severe anxiety depression, social anxiety, and smoke blunts daily. I'm fine. Weed (once you've used and seen what it does) only calms you. It is a natural grown plant which doesn't affect anything aside from make people more intelligent and a overall better person in the world. People who smoke = great sane intelligent amazing people. People who don't smoke = idiots who crash cars into people, kill people, the lists go on and on. There is more to be said, however I don't want to say to much. Looking forward to the negative people who are idiots to comment about this one.


i dont understand why ppl that smoke pot only see the good in it. im not ageast it in any way. but there are cons just like there are pros to it. the same goes for allmost anything in life. yes for some ppl pot does make you think a lot harder and have more *intelligent ideas* other makes re****s that stop laughing. but as far as you saying ppl that *dont smoke = idiots who crash cars into ppl and kill ppl.* my friend has smoked befor and drove hes car high and park in front of my house and did not put the ebrake up. he drives a stick btw. hes car then rolled in to the cerb. if i live on any more then a hill hes car would of rolled down the street wich could of hit ppl or other cars. any one that has been driveing a stick shift car trains them self to pull the ebreake befor u even turn the car off. but on the other hand i have had friends who have drove why high and are great. never speeds makes smouth and nice turns. what im saying is pot has both good and bads to it and effects ppl in dif ways. btw those are some very harsh drugs. not saying she should stop any of them because i am not a doctor. but i have been on ativan wich can be a very powerfull drug and mix wich weed and change the effect weed has on it. no from just googleing i can not find any studies that show mixing some drugs with weed can cause a *bad effect* but from my own xp. mixing some drugs with weed can make weed hav a much dif effect ever time you smoke it. sorry for the bad spelling i will admit i am very bad when it comes to spelling.


Seroquel (quetiapine)  is an atypical antipsychotic. That is a fact. Don't believe me? I'm reading it straight off of the FDA's official website


I don't think doctors should be handing out seroquel like they are. They are prescribing this dangerous ANTIPSYCHOTIC to people for tons of different things. Don't think it's dangerous?

source -

and i quote




pain in the joints, back, neck, or ears


dry mouth




stomach pain or swelling

increased appetite

excessive weight gain

stuffy nose



difficulty thinking or concentrating

difficulty speaking or using language

loss of coordination

unusual dreams

numbness, burning, or tingling in the arms or legs

missed menstrual periods

breast enlargement in males

discharge from the breasts

decreased sexual desire or ability



changes in vision

uncontrollable movements of your arms, legs, tongue, face, or lips

painful erection of the penis that lasts for hours


muscle stiffness, pain, or weakness

excess sweating

fast or irregular heartbeat


unusual bleeding or bruising

sore throat, fever, chills, difficult or painful urination and other signs of infection




tightening of the neck muscles or the throat

tongue sticking out

difficulty breathing or swallowing

Quetiapine may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication.  "

Yes.... all that and the last thing on the list actually says it may cause other side effects. Seriously, avoid seroquel if you can it should only be used when all else has failed.



Im perscribed seroquel for bi polar type 2 and insomnia caused by my mania


i agree with you 100% im on serequel 200mg at night and on new anxitey medication like zoloft and im on valium for my stress...also i smoke pot with these medications and find if you abuse anything in this world it is obviously bad for you...also if anyone knows some pre preventing stratergys for panic attacts i would love to hear them...


well said, weed is a wonder drug, it has no life threatning properties to it at all and i havetook valium with it and it was an amazing night, and shes sixty!!! what a legend:B