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Hi I am Nancy, So I've never been on birth control... until a 2 weeks ago I started taking the pill. Let's just say my body didn't react good to the pill, so I stopped the pill on the 3rd day of the pack. My husband ejaculate in me all those 3 days. So I've heard that birth control isn't affect until 7 or more days later is this true??? And by the way I also bled a little bit after stopping.. so the real question is can I be pregnant?


Hi NanRey,

There are different kinds of birth control so tell your doctor and they can try a different prescription.

True.  It does take at least 7 days for most birth control pills to become effective.

When did you start taking the pill?  If it was when your period started then you'd be unlikely to become pregnant 3 days after.  You don't normally ovulate until between about days 11 to 16 of your cycle.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.

You likely are having a "withdrawal bleed" from the pills.

Hope it helps.