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I had unprotected sex on 4/16 and missed a Pill that day [took it at 2am on 4/17] and missed a Pill on 4/18. This was during my first week of Pills and didn't know you weren't supposed to have unprotected sex then.

Since 4/23, I've been having headaches, fatigue, pain in my boobs, gas and frequent urination. Is it too early for pregnancy symptoms? And what are my chances of pregnancy since I missed 2 Pills and had unprotected sex the first week of Pills?

I'm just curious because my next period isn't due until 5/4 and my last LMP was 4/6

I've been on birth control for 3 months now


is this the first week of pills ever? if it is, yes you are supposed to wait about 30 days for the pills to take effect. so it is possible to become pregnant. but you really won't know until you miss a period or not.
if it's not, than it still is possible. but again, you won't really know until you miss a period or not.
it's a bit early for symptoms. but if you really think you are pregnant, you should not still be taking your birth control because it could effect your baby. and instead maybe using condoms until you know.