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hii..could anyone hlp me regarding this..i had a boyfrn in my past almost one year ago.we had in a relationship for 3 year. we had sex but after some time i realized that it was merely a mistake ,in starting all things were okay but with passage of time he started to doubt on me,abused me n tortured me.once he forcefully sex with me n tortured me because i wanted to break up with him.n den i involved my parents in this matter n finaly we seprated.i was so alone,den i found a boy in my college,he changed my life.i started to live my life again,we started to luv each other,he knows alittle bit regarding my past but not much.we are planning to marriage with each other even because we are now machure enough to take this decision.he really luvs me alot n me too.but being virgin is a big issue for him.we both are together since 8 month and he never even tries to touch me.he respect me ,my feelings.but since i am not virgin and i dont want to loose him,but he will definately leave me if he will came to know the fact.what should i do.plz suggest,could he beleives on dis matter that if there is no bleeding on first intercourse then there may be some other reason behind this.plz help me out regarding this.


i think you should tell him the truth i he really loves you that much he will understand