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I'm 16 years old , me and my bestfriend had sex on December 28th. I normally have my period the week of the 20th if I get it. I have an irregular period. So when I don't get it I Normally don't have it for at least 3 months. Well since I didn't get it, he pinned pointed out that he thinks I may be pregnant. Since then I had vaginal discharge very milky thick white, I had back pains was tired n was eating a lot, he said mood swings but I couldn't tell. I took a hpt and it was negative that was onJanuary 9th. on the 10th I discovered very heavy bleeding. It's now the 11th I'm not bleeding that much... My period normally last for 5 days but its early for it to come ... I'm confused , scared , and helpless . Could I be pregnant ?


I ment to type it's now the 12not and I'm not bleeding that heavy