I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and we had sex 5 weeks ago today,

2 days after sex i got bad sickness,dizzyness and headaches that lasted on and off for 6 days but i was told it was way to early to get any kind of pregnancy symptoms so i just put it down to the fact i might of been ill?

Anyway that all stopped and i forgot about it until the 26th December when i had cramping in my lower abdomen it was kind of like period pains and sometime's the pain was sharp aswell and that was on and off for 2 days,then on the 28th December i got out the shower and wiped myself with a towel and there was a couple of drops of blood on the towel and i got really worried.It lasted less than a day and was not heavy enough to wear a pad or anything..it all stopped and went away until the 4th Jan when i went to the bathroom and there was a few drops of blood on the paper,again it lasted less than a day and after the bleeding i had alot of brown discharge that was soaking my underwear.At the time of 4th jan i was a week away from my period as when this happend my period was due 11th Jan(today)

Anyway it again all stopped until the 9th Jan(2 days before period was due) when i went to the bathroom and there was a trickle of blood when i wiped myself! i am so confused what is happening so i decided to wait and see what happend on the 11th when my period was due..

Right now there is no red blood,i have just had alot of brownish discharge again but this time it has lasted 2 days since the last time i was spotting..there is no red blood atall just brown discharge? i am really confused..

me and my boyfriend also had sex on the 8th dec trying to use a condom but it was uncomftable so he just forgot about it and decided to finger me,i then got my period on 11th dec but it was a little unusual!

What we did on the 8th December seemed like nothing to me and if i was pregnant i think i would of gotton pregnant from the 14th dec which was the last time we had sex(5 weeks ago) could i have possibly gotten pregnant from the 8th dec? even though he dident really had sex with me properly(he had his thing inside me i mean) but he diden't last long and did not cum inside me but touched his thing when he took the condom off..

really confused whats going on as i have never had spotting ever.