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my period was 9 days late i took a hpt and it said no then i started to bleed it was lite for 4 days then it was a little hevy for 2 days . now its been a week and my breast hurt bad !! should i still go to the doctor ? please help !!!!


Hi There,

I suggest going to see your doctor. I doesn't sound as if your pregnant and your period did finally come and like you said was 4 days light and two heavy - more likely not pregnant. But if your worried please see the doc.
Other things such as stress etc... can delay a period as well, hope this helps!


Pregnancy is dated from the 1st day of your last period, so if you take that date down from that first period you had, because you'll need it late. Just to make things hard to understand, you'r not classed as pregnant till 2weeks in to pregnancy.

Week 1 (Period) that should last about 8days) date pregnancy from this date but not pregnant yet.

Week 2 Fertization happens
Now your pregnant after (week 2)!!!!!

Week 3 The egg travels down the your tube (takes 5 half to 6days)

Week 4 Hormones stop your period, you may have implantation bleeding or cramping (ending therefore in implantation)
(((followed by conception)))when the egg as inbeded into the wall.
A blood test will pick the HCG up 7to 9days after conception.

Week 4 and 5 it should pick up on a test, but count 28days form the 1st day of your last period and that is your date of your next period, if you dont get it. Some home preg test say they can pick it up, but havent for me, so you need to wait till you'v ovulated.

1st day of missed period say as in my case: ((4th aug)) this would in the cycle be a period that fell away.
4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th

Then the lining thickens
day 9 to 12.
12th 12th 14th 15th

Then you Ovulate
day 15 to 16
16th 17th 18th 19th

Test should pick up now!!!

Then it thickens agian and the unfertized egg dies.
days 21to 27
20th 21th 22th 23th 24th 25th 26th.

Iv test to early I test on this monday the 14th, and was negative its something to do with ovulation, Iv also read somewhere that some people can ovulate late in their cycle so you will have to wait another 2weeks after missed period to test.

Hope this is all rite iv had to find it all out for myself and by calling the doctor today, I still dont really understand it. It seem to last forever. Dont do what I did though I test way to early cost lots to test all the time. and all come back negative, which is not nice when you feel pregnant. Wait till your missed period and Ovulation.