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HIII so ive been on birth control for a total of 22 days now, and my 4 remainder pills start in two more days im on loestrin 24 fe or something like that i dont remember. but i have had this spotting for about 2-3 days now, its just brown spotting not alot, or anything, but i didn have unprotected sex with my boyfriend after my first like 14 pills or something like that, and im kind of worrying about a pregnancy? could i be? i dont think i am, i think it sjust my body that needs to adjust to the pill or something, ive been taking my pill at the same time every day, except for when i switched from taking it at 8am to taking it at 930 but it was always at 8 on the dot and it still at 930 on the dot. so im just wondering if i should take a pregnancy test or something or go see my doctor? ?


You did or did NOT have unprotected sex before you had finished your first two weeks? Ultimately, they tell you to use a backup method (ie:condoms) for the first month of taking birth control because it takes time to get into your system and work.

I wouldn't say it's likely to be pregnant, but it's certainly a possibility. If you end up not having a period at all, it won't hurt anything to test or to ask a doc.