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hello sir i am 22 years old i had a testicular pain since 2 months so i went to doctor for a check up so he advised me to have a 1)UNIRE check 2)sperm analysis 3)ultrasound and blood check after doing ultra sound i had a micro calcafication in my testis so doctor said not to worry he gave me a antibiotics for 10 days but my testis still pain but not as much as before so could u help me sir plzzz i ll tell my semen analysis report semen analysis report 

color= geyish-white

liquifaction time= 35 min

semen volume= 1.0 ml

reaction= alkaline

count= 122 ml/ mliilon

motillity= 85%

morphology= normal

pus cells= plenty

RBC= 1-2 hpf                                


Very little White Liquid Coming Out Of My Penis before peeing and my one ball is little bit hurting it is not any problem what is the solution for that?