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Age: 40

Pus cells: 3-5 /HPF

RBC: nil/HPF

Bacteria: nil/HPF

Crystal: nil/HPF

Amount: 2-5 ml

Color: opaque white

PH: alkaline (7.2-8.5)

Sperm account: 60-300 million/ml

Motility: within two hours ejaculation, 60% are vigorously motile and show progressive activity.

Morphology: 75%-80% normal sperm

Liquefaction time: within 30 minutes

Note: only 1-2 non-motile spermatozoa per HPF seen. Oligospermia


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Where did you get the test done?

Was it sent to your doctor?

Didn't he/she explain the results?

Why didn't they answer your questions?

Most of us are just ordinary people trying to assist others based on our own experiences, we're not doctors. I have never had a sperm test so I have no idea what those numbers mean. You might try Googling sperm test to see if you can get an explanation.

If you got a printout it should show what the normal ranges are, at least my blood tests do.