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I am 28 years old male and unmarried. I have problem of premature ejaculation. My penis size is small and curved right side, down. In my early ages i had masturbated many times. But for the last 10 months i haven't masturbate even single time. I have problem of of night emission weekly once. During day time if i am in orgasm, little amount of semen is coming out. When I urinate after orgasm one or two drops of semen is coming out. Now I stopped thinking bad things. But still this problem exists. I am depressed because of this. So I went to take semen test. I have given the report below(The report is as same as given in the clinic).

-------------------------------------------------------------MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION:

Volume : 2.3 mlLiquefication Time : 30 minutesViscosity : NormalPh : 8.2Reaction : AlkalineColour : WhiteActively Motile : 54%Sluggishly Motile : 25%Non Motile : 21%Total Sperm Count : 65 Millions / cu.mmMorphology : Large head seen


Pus Cells : 3 - 5Epitherial Cells : 1 - 2-----------------------------------------------------------------

Above is my report. I collected the semen outside of the clinic at 10:45 am and handed over to the clinic by 10:50 am.

Now My Questions:-----------------1. Am I eligible to become father?2. Is there any abnormalieties in my report? If so what should i do to be normal?3. Is Ph value is higher? What should I do to reduce it?4. Do I have enough sperm count?5. Is Morphology normal? Will it cause any problem since it is mentioned large head?6. Is Pus cell normal? How do I reduce it?7. What about epitherial cells?

[Note: I have not sexually interacted with any girls. Still why i have this problem? Last one year i was eating more chicken and egg. I don't have smoking, tobacco or drinking problem. I am a software engineer. Used to work in front of computer. I have little bit of eye burnings. I don't have motion problem. No back pain except the day when i masturbate. That also little bit of pain only.]

Please clarify my queries. I am ashamed because of this. Please mail me your opinion. I will be thankful to you and your family.



Dear friend, all these things happen due to over masturbation .So try to avoid it. Eat plenty of fruits,drink milk and take vitamin and zinc with your friends about your problem and if possible collect 3 to 4 peoples semen  with in 1 or 2 days and keep it refrigerate and mix them properly with salt and chili powder as taste..then make semen fry in fry pan with oil like egg fry and eat it in empty stomach . this definitely help you. Thanks XD