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My name is Adil and I m 33 years old. I am married since last 2 years. Myself and my wife decided to have a baby since last 4 months. So far we are not able to come out with any good news. Therefore, I went to give my Semen test and got test report with following results:

Semen Analysis



Time specimen collected:             3:15PM

Time specimen:                                                4:15PM

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION                                                                

Ph:                         8.0

Volume:               3.0 ml

Colour:                 Grey Whits

Viscosity:             Thick

Liquefaction Time:           45 minutes


Total sperm count:          20 million /ml

Motility Evaluation after Liquefaction at 37 degrees Celsius

                                                Within 1 hour

Progressive Motile                          45%

Non Progressive Motile                                35%

Immotile                                              20%


Normal sperms :               70%

Abnormal Sperms:          30%

Cellular Elements

Pus Cells              :               16 – 20 /hpf

Red Blood cells  :               3   -  5 /hpf


Can you please advice it the report okay?


Hi Adil,

Your doctor can clarify the results best as there are some variations due to the procedure used to test.

In general:

The Ph is "normal."

Color is good.

The liquefaction time is a bit long, it can indicate an infection.

Total sperm count is normal.

Motility, just a bit below average - 50% or better.  Again, this can vary due to the test.

Normal sperms: very good!

Pus Cells: can indicate an infection.

It does look like you may have an infection of some kind Adil.  You'll need further testing.  One thing to consider is that we require more than one semen analysis to get a true "baseline."  It can/does vary.

We also don't consider fertility problems until a year or more has passed (trying) without success.

Things look pretty good except for the possible infection.

Good luck.