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hi, im a bit embarrased about this, as it has been going on for quite a long time (1-2 years), but im gonna post anyways, i wouldnt like to disclose my age if thats alright with you guys. ok, heres the problem, i have a kind of rash-like thing which runs in a small line vertically down my penis....and i also have some goosebumpy type things at the bottom and top (mainly bottom) of my penis. when i pull the foreskin back, the tip of the inside (can someone give me a name for the inside please?) is red-ish, but the rest is a bland colour. also, i seem to have something connected to the inner bit, and it seems to be part of the rash-like thing because its right underneath where it is on the foreskin.

the rash thing is usually reddest after masturbation, and subsides to a pinkish colour after a bath, but during the bath it is normally red still.
i masturbate most days.

can anyone tell me whats happening, and what i can do to get rid of the rash please? i wouldnt like to go to a doctor as im a bit on the young side 8-|
p.s-im not obsessively clean when it comes to my penis :$

thanks alot guys for reading, i appreciate it :-)


well, i'm afraid i have some bad news - you're totally normal! sorry to disappoint. Heres what all the bits you mentioned are:

The rash-like thing is called the penile raphe. There is a similar one behind your balls called the perineal raphe and one running down your balls. Its where when you were inside your mum being formed, the bottom of your body closed up. Every guy has them, and if they weren't there then all your insides would fall out!

The tip inside is called the glans, or the glans penis. Most guys call it the head, some the bell end, but its official name is the glans. The glans is normally a different shade, depending on who's penis it is and how aroused it is, it can be anything from a very pale pink to a deep purple colour. The connected bit is also normal, its name is the frenulum. Any part of your body will go red eventually if you keep rubbing it, and if you put it in hot water, scars especially, and the raphe is a natural kind of scar. Don't be worried about being obsessively clean, but if it starts to smell bad or itch then perhaps you should clean it a little more often.

You can't get rid of the rash, its as much a part of you as your belly button.

Hope that helps. Google the following if you want: Glans, frenulum, penile raphe


thanks for all that mate, totally put my mind at rest



mate, my penis is completely the same as yours
i take it the little bumps are tiny, and the same colour as your penis and they dont pop or nothing
if so, its almost 100% fordyce spots,
google it,
most men have at least a few of them, and if your like me, you just have alot more, dont worry theyre harmless


hi i have a similar thing but at the end of my penis under the foreskin on the actual end itself i av a sort of line type rash goin across n kinda lumpy but not a lot but shows more when its erect? i dont understand it doesnt itch or irritate me in any way and been there for a couple days now and gettin worried!

when its erect actually luks like a vain inside? i dont understand but if any of you can help because i am seriously scared about this and my girlfriend saying it could be cancer?? please HELP!!



hiiiiiiiiiii my self having rash inside the when i do handpump i get little bit itched.......some my penis bluge so wat should i do


A penis rash could be caused by irritation, or it could be caused by a skin infection called thrush. Thrush can cause itching and swelling. It is usually treated with antifungal medications. Keeping the penis clean can help prevent minor skin infections, and you might also try a penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to help nourish the penis skin and keep it looking and feeling good.


that's actually what i was about to ask today hahahah but nevermind i found it now, i also masturbated and i think im a little bit rough and i squeeze the penis hard and the left of my head it hurts not when i touch but when i press it and when i pee it hurts a that normal? :)



One month before when I pee some burning sensation. I find out my penis tip inner side ( I thinkg its called meatus) some rashes red and brown colour. I went to Urologist. He saw my penis tip and told nothing there. I said pl check clear. Yes some red and brown rashed penis tip inner side. I had taken some scanning test as per doctor instructions. But all are negative. As report below


Qty: 20 ml.

Colour: colourless.

Appearance: clear

Blood: Absent

Specific Gravity: 1.005

Reaction: Acidic.


Albumine: absent

Sugar: absent

Bile Salts: Negative

Bile Pigments: Negative

Ketons Bodies: Negative









Doctor told nothing in test. All are negative. He was given some tablets. But I fee some burning sensation when I pee. Some time burning , some time not. With out pee also some uncomfortable like irritation, some heat penis and testicls. I don’t understand what going on I am very afraid what is this. Any one got experience like this.