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I thought I might be pregnant,
but just 12 days after what I though was conception I started getting pains in my lower abdomine in near one of my ovaries.
now it seems like I've gotten my period (15 days after)
and I've been feeling nauseous and have been getting head aches.
I don't know if anything i'm saying is related, but I don't know what's going on. :-(
Can anyone please give me some advice?


I do have some advice..CONCEPTION has no effects, so very few women will actually know when conception occurs. Conception can occur 24-48 hours after sex, or it could occur sooner, it dpends on how long it takes for sperm to reach the egg.

IMPLANTATION is when you are MEDICALLY pregnant, which takes about 10 days after sex, so you could not even have a positive preganncy test until around 4 days before a missed period.

You may not have actually concieved at all.. IF RIGHT now you were miscarrying, a PREGNANCY TEST WOULD BE positive, because it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone to lower...

PMS has nausea as a symptom too, as well as headaches..


ok, so I'll just take a pregnancy test